Alicia Brett

I am a marketer that works predominantly in the travel industry but increasingly in non travel related industries too.  I am passionate about marketing and thrive on creating beautiful brands, developing efficient marketing strategies and helping businesses to integrate new technology into their business in order to streamline systems and processes and stay afloat in this content hungry age we currently live in.

I am based between Sligo, Ireland and Nairobi, Kenya and generally work offsite for my clients, turning up (or travelling to foriegn locations when working with overseas clients) when required for meetings and activities.  So you don't need to be local to work with me.  In this way you can have a marketing professional getting the job done and not getting distracted by other office requests.

I place a huge emphasis on robust strategy, creative design, excellent client service, and timely communication.  My team consists of myself and an impressively talented group of graphic designers and website developers to complete the branding circle.  I take on a very limited number of new clients per month to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves.  

Interested in seeing what I can do for your business?  Please do get in touch and we can chat further about how I can help your business.